Learning how to start a CNC business from home the right way can be challenging for those who have not done it before.

A CNC business can do extremely well, and you can make good money, provided the right path is taken. It does not matter whether it is a CNC router business, CNC laser, plasma cutter, or any other CNC machine. With the right skills, you can make it a success the first time.

Are you ready to start a CNC business but not sure how to get started? Now you have the kick-starter that will get you in the right direction, and save you from making the mistakes many CNC’ers make.

CNC’ers often struggle in business because they do not understand the importance of marketing and psychology. They also often go after the wrong customer. This webinar will help you avoid these 2 critical errors.

Here’s an example of what you will learn… Why giving discounts are the worst thing you can do.

This webinar is packed with 3 hours of deep-dive business practices that will make your business go much smoother. More importantly, you’ll make more money..

You will learn:

  • Why CNC businesses fail and how to avoid it
  • The Mindset of business
  • Marketing and human psychology
    • Why this is the cornerstone of success
  • How you can charge more, and get it!
  • Determining your niche
  • Market research
  • Where to sell and when
  • Choosing your products
  • How to charge
  • Promoting your product
    • Why images are so important
    • why what you say can make or break a sale
  • Getting your customer to come back for more
  • …and much more

This webinar is hosted by myself (Garrett Fromme) and Bill Keays, a CNC business veteran of 20 years.

When you are done, you will know exactly what to sell, who to sell it to, and how to get more money for your products.

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