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This ultimate in extreme-performance “Lightning Series” 1/8″ drill bit & 1/4″ drill bit for CNC routers cannot be matched in performance when it comes to drilling holes fast and clean (Includes a FREE 1/8″ down-cutting endmill when you order this set!)

Made of solid carbide, and a custom grind at the drilling point, these drills are your game-changers when it comes to drilling on a CNC router because they are designed specifically for CNC routers.

Both the 1/8″ drill bit and 1/4″ drill bit are designed to handle the high spindle speeds of CNC router woodworking projects without overheating AND these bits eliminate peck drilling!

When it comes to CNC drill bits, these aren’t called Lightning Bits for nothing. Both the 1/4″ and 1/8″ drill bits for CNC routers are made for CNC router owners who are tired of waiting for the long peck drilling cycles and want to get their holes drilled hyper-fast while leaving super-clean cut lines at the entry point.

The “Lightning” series 1/8″ drill bot & 1/4″ drill bits for CNC routers are designed to get chips out of the way fast, allowing for deep plunges without retract cycles.

Run the 1/4″ CNC drill bit at 10,000 RPM at 50 inches per minute, and each hole is complete in less than 2 seconds.

Same with the 1/8″ drill bit, except it’s even faster. Turn it at 17,000 RPM at 60 inches per minute and each hole is done in 1 second (at 3/4″ deep). Compare that to peck drilling with endmills or standard drill bits, which can take up to a minute per hole.

Made for cabinet making and other projects where efficiency and long tool life are important. Making cribbage boards? You’ll never go back to peck drilling with high-speed steel bits or endmills again.

If you are planning on designing and making a DIY cribbage board game, you want the holes to be perfectly positioned. Whether you are making it by hand with a drilling jig or on a CNC router, standard drill bits can lead to ‘walking’. Meaning the drill bit deflected as it entered the hole. The true point of the drill, with the rigidity of carbide., prevents this from happening.

And speaking of cribbage boards, you get FREE Cribbage board files with this set.

To see the 1/8″ Lightning Bit in action, click here to see the fastest drill bit on the CNC planet!

To see the 1/4″ Lightning Bit knock-out holes in record time, click here.

3 characteristics are built into these drills for extreme performance:

  • A rigid center-core prevents deflection if the drill breaks out of the side of the project
  • It is made of solid carbide steel. Standard drill bits are made of high-speed steel. Density changes in wood grain cause high-speed steel bits to flex while drilling, causing your cribbage board holes to be out of alignment and at a slight tilt. Carbide is rigid so it resists flexing.
    • High-speed steel heats up faster, so peck drilling is required to allow the tip to cool.
  • The true point grind holds the drill on center during entry and reduces burrs around the top of the hole. It also holds a sharp edge 100x longer than high-speed steel.
  • The smoothed flutes allow chip ejection while the drill bit is plunging, further allowing a complete hole without pecking.

These bits will last through hundreds of boards if you follow the feeds & speeds listed below. They can also be used for aluminum, brass, /steel acrylic, and other materials.

Specs – 1/4″ Lightning drill

  • Cut diameter: 1/4″
  • Shank: 1/4″
  • Length: 2.6″
  • Flutes: 2
  • Flute length: 1.25″
  • Material: 100% carbide


  • Plunge feed: 50 inches per minute
  • Speed (rpm): 10,000 (Makita dial 1-1.5)
  • Max plunge depth:  0.9 inches.
    • Due to flute length, cannot full stroke plunge past 0.125 inches
    • After 1.125 inches, set peck to 0.25″ @ 50ipm

Specs – 1/8″ Lighting Drill

  • Cut diameter: 1/8″
  • Shank: 1/8″
  • Length: 2.4″
  • Flutes: 2
  • Flute length: 0.75″
  • Material: 100% carbide


  • Plunge feed: 60-70 inches per minute
  • Speed (rpm): 17000 (Makita dial 3.5)
  • Max plunge depth:  0.75 inches.
    • Due to flute length, cannot full stroke plunge past 0.75 inches
    • After 0.75 inches, set peck to 0.1″

For Vectric users, get the latest CNC router bit tool database by clicking here

For CNC’s with routers, refer to this PDF download feeds & speeds table


Weight 2 oz
Shank Size

1/4", 1/8"

For Materials

Acrylic/Plastics, Aluminum/Brass, Wood

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