Looking for a good complete starter set of CNC router bits that will cover almost all your CNC router projects? From small ornaments to large carvings, this kit is designed to cover the whole span.

This kit goes a bit further. How about a complete router bit kit with a 9th ‘drilling’ endmill andFREE vector files and tool files? They are all included.

And you get a free BONUS bit. A second 1/8″ down-cut endmill. You’ll need it anyway because it is one of your most used bits.

But that’s not all. Read on…

We will start right off by letting you know this 11 piece set is actually a 12 piece set. Because you will get a second FREE 1/8″ down cutting endmill when you get your set.

Let’s cover the bit set first.

This CNC router starter set is the only set on the planet that covers 99% of the project work you will ever do!

Made of rock-solid carbide (the same material journeyman machinists use to do metalwork), they last longer than traditional CNC router bits. The ‘Blade‘ style design V-bits leave your letters to finish quality right off the machine!

This set is built for the CNC router owners serious about crafting quality projects.

  • 1/4″, 1/8″ & 1/16″ downcut endmills
  • 30, 60 & 90 degree ‘Blade‘ V-bits
  • 1/4″ & 1/8″ ballnose endmills

“I did get a chance to compare some of your end mills to the Amana end mills. I made up a little jig to cut box joints and needed a 1/4” end mill to cut some drawer sides.…I cut some with your mills, cut some with the Amana bits, cut some with some cheap Chinese end mill, and some with the Whiteside bits. Your mills cut the best.”

Tom K.

Another thing you just might want to know. These bits are 100% made in the United States of America.

This CNC router bit set solves the “which bits do I need” problem completely. Not only does it eliminate your search, but it also contains everything you need to make most projects, from signs to detailed intricate carvings.

Click the buy button now! Get Your Complete CNC router bit starter set so you can start cutting amazing projects tomorrow.

Bit set is not enough? You also get…

Necessary 1″ Surfacing Bit

Why is the surfacing bit important? The surface your project is clamped to (the spoilboard) must be level with the motion of your router. If not, your carve WILL be uneven. And an uneven carve, even the in slightest, shows up dramatically!
The surfacing bit levels the spoilboard so this doesn’t happen. No spoilboard is perfectly flat until we surface it.
The good thing is, now you know, and you’ll have your surfacing bit on hand.

1/8″ Spiral Drilling Endmill – Included

Take a look at the image in the slide deck. With the double bevel at the tip, this endmill can drill holes as well as do side cutting! The fast spiral is designed to eject the wood chips at lightning speed while plunging, making it perfect for drilling.

Collet Adaptors – Included

You get 2 collet adaptors for your smaller bits to speed bit changes.

Each precision-ground collet adaptor is made of case-hardened 4140 carbon steel and fits every 1/4″ router so you can use 1/8″ diameter router bits

FEEDS & SPEEDS Table – Included

Setting up the feeds and speeds for your new router bit set is important to get the longest possible life out of them.

The feeds & speeds table gives you all the data you need to make sure that happens.


How about a completely populated tool database that you can simply import?
Setting up your bits in your design software is time-consuming. It’s also easy to make mistakes this way. Unfortunately, most design software has only the basic bits set up, so you have to do a lot of manual entry.
If you have Vectric, this won’t be an issue, because you’re getting a fully populated router bit database with all the settings pre-installed.
A 15-minute video shows you exactly how to install the database. No typing anything. It’s already there!
And even better… When it’s time to replace a bit, or get other styles, the links are listed right in the database. No browsing the web, and faced with a ton of selections. One click and you have your new bit ordered!

CNC Router Bit Holder – Included

When you order your CNC router bits, you will get the G-code file and instructions for this router bit holder. And you get to make it! You’re also getting a video tutorial on the entire setup and run.

It’s made from a standard piece of 2 x 6 so there’s no prep work. Just get a 10″ piece of 2 x 6, slap it on the router, and press ‘GO’!

This will be the first CNC project you get to run with your new router bits. And what better than to make a place to organize them.

“Words That Sell” List – Included

WORDS… People buy them all the time! And guess who makes the majority of them? CNC router owners do.

Look around your own home. It’s a near guarantee you have a word hanging somewhere. Anything from ‘home’ and ‘love’, to a slogan, to a name. I cannot express this enough…WORDS SELL!

And you’re about to get the list of the top 50.

You might as well hit the ground running with a solid potential for income with your CNC router. And this list will get you started.

Welcome Sign Vector File – Included

Speaking of words… ‘WELCOME’ is the #1 seller of all time! So why not start right out with this one?

You’ll get the vector file in all the formats you need, SVG, DXF, PDF, and Vcarve.

This is an awesome learning project that will give you excellent practice on your design software. The end product is a decoration you can use or sell.

Christmas Block Decoration Vector File – Included

It’s all in the simplicity that makes the difference.

This design is done. All you have to do is run the toolpaths. That’s it.

Willow Tree Glass Engraving Vector File & G-code – Included

Did you think a CNC router is only good for wood projects? Think again!

How about engraving on glass?

Yes, your CNC router will do this. In fact, it’s a lot less messy than wood and you can make glass etching look amazing with LED under-lighting.

Tree Of Life Glass Engraving Vector File & G-code – Included

Yes. Another awesome glass engraving project. The picture does not do justice to the amazing detail this image has.

You’ll see videos of this and all the other projects listed here.

The Warrior Woman Project Vector File & G-code – Included

Want to help kids with cancer? 5% of your purchase will go to St. Jude hospital… The hospital that never bills their patients because people like you and me donate to them.

This project was made for my niece, Isabelle, who suffered from brain cancer when she was 6.

She was a rare survivor of that cancer, and it was St. Jude that saved her.

You will get the G-code file for this, as well as all other formats. Make it and give it to that person who needs the warrior spirit.

And My Favorite Project File To Give You – MAKE YOUR OWN CLAMPS!

We need clamps to hold our projects. A set of 4 will cost you between $50 to $100 if you buy them.
You have a CNC router, you can make your own! And now you’ll have the files to do it.
This project file will give you 18 or 24 clamps, depending on the file you use. These clamps are completely versatile. They can be stacked, so they will work with any thickness project.
It’s the first project you’ll totally love doing because you will use them constantly to hold your projects while carving.
The Best part is, you’re getting the g-code files. What does that mean? It means you don’t have to do any design work. Just follow the setup instructions, load the file into your router, and press ‘GO’!

This Will Be Your Favorite!… An Organized List Of EVERY Video On The IDC Woodcraft YouTube Channel

Have you ever wished someone would make an organized list of videos so you can just go in order? Now you do.
When you order your router bits, you’ll get a list of every single video on the IDC channel. AND THEY’RE ORGANIZED! Organized by designing, CNC routers, router bits, and all the easy step-by-step projects I’ve laid out for you.
Just open the list and start right at the top. It’ll save you tons of searching. This is about as good as it gets.

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (no CNC router bit company dares to do this)

These bits are 100% solid Tungsten-Carbide and made to ISO tool-maker standards. Carbide is the same superior tool steel used by journeyman machinists to do their metalwork. Your CNC router bits will exceed your performance expectations, for finish and durability, or you will receive a full refund.

All things combined, you’re getting…

♦ 9 CNC router bits ♦

♦ 2 collets ♦

♦ Feeds & Speeds ♦

♦ Words That Sell 

♦ 6 vector files ♦

Instructions for everything and a 100% guarantee

Ready to start creating today? Get your CNC router bit starter set now. Click to order your set.

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0 Reviews, 3 Q&As

3 Questions

  1. Gary Hodson

    My 4540 desktop router came with a 500 w motor but only one collet for small bits, can i add a 1/4 to my machine. You can tell i am new to cnc and i would like to buy your set of bits with extras but i don\’t have 1/4 collet.

  2. Ralph H

    When will your CBC router bit starter kit be back in stock and price.

  3. Ralph H

    When will the CBC router bit starter kit be back in stock and price.

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