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Also known as a ‘tray bit’ or rounding bit, this Big Stiffy bowl bit for CNC routers (1″ inch diameter, 1/4″ shank) is an excellent bit for removing a huge amount of material quickly on your CNC router projects, like trays while keeping a baby’s-bottom smooth radius along the entire cut. Bowl bits are the best router bit for tray making.

With the extra-long flute length and bowl radius of 0.375″, it can remove large amounts of material in a single pass. The ‘super-shear’ blade is designed to leave exceptionally clean cuts at higher feed rates.

Affectionately called “big balls” rounding bit in the CNC router community, (you might know it as a tray bit for CNC routers) this bowl biot for CNC routers is the only 3/8″ radius bowl bit available for home-based CNC router owners. Bits in this family are also known as rounding bits or round over bits.

Why is it called the Big Stiffy? 2 reasons. The first is, that this bit has extra mass, which absorbs vibration you’d get from other smaller, more common, CNC router bits of this type. The second reason is, that the overall bit length is shorter than the standard bit. This little design modification keeps your bit stiffer while cutting, which gives you a 50% improvement in your surface finish. In other words, the potential for chatter is virtually eliminated.

The “HOG” roughing bit is a recommended complementary bit to rough out all the wood of the ‘bowl’ part of the CNC router woodworking project. The HOG will do the heavy carving, leaving the bowl bit to do the finish work.

To see why the HOG is a bit you want to get with your bowl bit, watch this video to see it in action.

This bit has a carbide blade brazed to a 4140 body.


  • Shank: 1/4″ (6.35mm)
  • Radius: 0.375″ (9mm)
  • Cut diameter: 1.0″ (25mm)
  • Length: 2.0″ (52mm)
  • Flutes: 2
  • Flute length: 0.825″ (19mm)
  • Material: 100% tungsten-carbide tipped


  • Feed: 80 inches per minute (16mm/sec)
  • Plunge: 15ipm
  • Speed (rpm): 10000-14000
  • Max pass depth: 0.375″ / 9mm
  • Stepover: 40% when roughing, 20% during finish cut

For Vectric users, get the latest CNC router bit tool database by clicking here

For CNC’s with routers, refer to this PDF download feeds & speeds table


Weight 2.6 oz
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