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If you are looking for the must-have essential CNC router bits to start making your CNC projects, this IDC Woodcraft 6-piece beginner’s Essential CNC router bit starter set is put together with exactly you in mind! It contains the 5 BITS YOU MUST HAVE to create a CNC project, and still give you the flexibility to carve most of the projects you design.

This set was put together for the budget-minded CNC’er who just needs the essential CNC router bits to get started on their CNC woodworking projects the right way.

This 1/4″ shank set will allow you to create single-level and stacked text signs, as well as the amazing v-carves that give your signs and plaques their very cool character.

PLUS, you get FREE bonus files (see below)

Here’s what you get in your Essential CNC Router Bits starter set…

  • 1/4″ down-cut endmill
  • 1/8″ down-cut endmill
  • 60-degree ‘Blade‘ V-bits
  • 90-degree ‘Blade‘ V-bit
  • 1″ surfacing bit for flattening spoil boards
  • 1/4″ to 1/8″ reducing collet (for your 1/8″ endmill)
  • Bonus files

1/4” Down-cut endmill – This is your workhorse bit…the one that does all the heavy lifting when it comes to removing a lot of material. It is also used as a finishing bit for larger areas and for cutting projects out.

1/8” Down-cut endmill – This is the same as the 1/4″, except it gets into the finer areas the 1/4” can’t. It is also ideal for smaller projects, like Christmas ornaments and coasters. Basically, this is your finish detail bit.

60° & 90° degree ‘Blade’ V-bits – These are the bits that let you cut swirls and all kinds of cool fonts. V-bits let you create very nice signs in a very short period of time. The 90° v-bit is for larger v-carving while the 60° lets you create very fine v-carved details.

1” Spoilboard flattening bit – This is a bit almost every CNC router bit company forgets to tell you about. This is the first bit you’ll need for your CNC router, to flatten the spoilboard. Without doing this one task, your projects will come out with uneven carves that you CAN NOT repair. Every CNC’er finds out eventually they need to have this bit. You are one of the few who won’t find out the hard way!

1/4” to 1/8” reducing collet – This is your adaptor collet for the 1/8” down-cutting endmill.

Your new bit set is made of rock-solid carbide (the same material journeyman machinists use to do metalwork), which is designed to last up to 10 times longer than traditional CNC router bits.


FEEDS & SPEEDS Table – Included

Setting up the feeds and speeds for your new router bit set is important to get the longest possible life out of them.

The feeds & speeds table gives you all the data you need to make sure that happens.

CNC Router Bit Holder – Included

When you order your CNC router bits, you will get the G-code file and instructions for this router bit holder. And you get to make it! You’re also getting a video tutorial on the entire setup and run.

It’s made from a standard piece of 2 x 6 so there’s no prep work. Just get a 10″ piece of 2 x 6, slap it on the router, and press ‘GO’!

This will be the first CNC project you get to run with your new router bits. And what better than to make a place to organize them.

“Words That Sell” List – Included

WORDS… People buy them all the time! And guess who makes the majority of them? CNC router owners do.

Look around your own home. It’s a near guarantee you have a word hanging somewhere. Anything from ‘home’ and ‘love’, to a slogan, to a name. I cannot express this enough…WORDS SELL!

And you’re about to get the list of the top 50.

You might as well hit the ground running with a solid potential for income with your CNC router. And this list will get you started.

Ready to start creating today? Get your Essential CNC router bits starter set now.

For Vectric users, get the latest CNC router bit tool database by clicking here

For CNC’s with routers, refer to this PDF download feeds & speeds table


Weight 5.5 oz
Shank Size


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