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The CNC’ers standard fine-detail 1/16″ down-cutting endmill bit is the “Let’s get some detail in this puppy” type of bit for your CNC router projects.

(a.k.a. down bit, down cut bit, downcut bit)

There are 2 reasons you want this bit…

  1. You have decided your projects are going to better than everyone else’s
  2. You just want to push your limits of creativity.

A third reason is if you have a small unit with a 1/8″ collet capability. If so, this is a must to make your creations.

This bit is made like the all the others on this site…built to last. That’s why these are made above industry standards and 100% tungsten carbide.

Carbide is what professional metal machinists use to make complex items like car engines. It stays sharp 50x longer than conventional CNC router bits.

You’ll want to include a collet with this bit if you have a 1/4″ collet in your CNC router. You can order that by clicking here.

Order your ultra-finishing workhorse 1/16″ down-cut bit today.

Made in the USA


  • American-made, American sharp!
  • Cut Diameter: 1/16″
  • Shank: 1/8″
  • Length: 1.51″
  • Flutes: 2
  • Flute length: 0.25″
  • Material: 100% carbide


  • Feed: 15-250 inches per minute
  • Plunge: 5 ipm
  • Depth per pass: 0.03″
  • Speed (rpm): 13000-16000

For Vectric users, get the latest CNC router bit tool database by clicking here

For CNC’s with routers, refer to this PDF download feeds & speeds table


Weight 1 oz
Shank Size


For Materials

Acrylic/Plastics, Wood

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